Family and Consumer Sciences (21st Century Life and Careers)

  • Culinary  
    5 Credits, Grades 9 - 12
    Explore child development and teaching careers by examining the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of children through age six. CODE # 062000

    5 Credits, Grades 10 - 12
    Explore the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the school age child, adolescent, and older adults. Careers in teaching, care giving, and related areas are explored. CODE # 062100

    2.5 Credits, Grades 9 - 12
    The students will participate in class discussions about the development and improvement of personal growth, employ reflective journals for building self esteem, and create projects to explore the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional life stages. The curriculum is enhanced by guest speakers on fashion, nutrition, and wellness, along with research assignments on careers. Students will formulate guidelines to design and decorate living space and explore their own personal carbon footprint. CODE # 06020X

    5 Credits, Grades 9 - 12
    Students will focus on the physical and chemical changes that occur during the production, processing and packaging of food preparation while using a variety of different foods. Students engage in scientific inquiry and problem solving through hands-on experiences. This course provides insight into nutritional needs throughout the life cycle. Students prepare and evaluate recipes for nutritional content. CODE # 060400

    2.5 Credits, Grades 10 - 12
    Students will learn to prepare attractive, nutritious and well planned food products. Recipes are designed to identify and reinforce techniques presented in the art of garnishing, cake decorating, candy making, party planning and preparation, food preservation, consumerism, special dietary needs and the utilization of herbs and spices in food cookery. CODE # 06060X

    2.5 Credits, Grades 10 - 12
    Students will explore the multi-cultural aspects of food by preparing and sampling foods typical of selected major cuisines with emphasis upon the impact of geography, climate, and history. CODE # 06080X

    5 Credits, Grades 9 - 12
    Students will explore the world of fashion, while they study the reasons behind wearing clothing, learn how to classify garments and fashion accessories, utilize the elements and principles of design to render fashion sketches, operate a sewing machine, research purchase of and caring for garments and explore the world of fashion for job opportunities. CODE # 061200

    5 Credits, Grades 10 - 12
    Prerequisite: Fashion Design I

    Fashion Design II continues to explore the world of fashion. Students are exposed to the concepts of merchandising and marketing. Students will incorporate more advanced sewing techniques such as alternative garment closures into their garments and accessories. Students will create original designs for groupings from various merchandise classifications, demonstrating the addition of pattern and texture, along with the other elements and principles to achieve harmony. Throughout the year a multitude of career paths available in the field of fashion will be introduced within each unit of study. Students will continue to develop life-long skills and gain knowledge preparing them for further study or application. CODE # 061400

    5 Credits, Grades 11 - 12
    Prerequisite: Fashion Design II

    Students will investigate concepts in buying, merchandising and retailing and also develop advanced techniques in fashion illustration, and garment construction. Students will communicate these ideas through the use of technology creating written and visual presentations, building on teamwork and interpersonal skills. CODE # 061500

    5 Credits, Grade 12
    Prerequisite: Fashion Design III

    Students will produce a fashion event, design and merchandise a complete line for a specific target market, construct a tailored garment, formalwear or novelty fabric garment or accessory and predict fashion trends for the coming year. Professionalism is stressed in projects, presentations and appearance. CODE # 061550

    5 Credits, Grades 9 - 12
    This course offers an introduction to the professional, technical and esthetic aspects of the interior environment. Students study both residential/ commercial architecture and interior design by combining studies in art, history, computers, and business. Challenging activities expose students to production of technical drawings, the latest technology in solving problems, traditional drafting methods, and presentation of plans. CODE # 062800

    5 Credits, Grades 10 - 12
    Prerequisite: Interior Design I

    Honors Interior Design II is for students who have the desire to learn about the professional, technical matters, public interiors, structural, 3-D design, computer-aided design, and case studies. CODE # 062950