Howell High School PAT


    The Parents and Teachers Association of Howell High School welcomes all parents and teachers to join in an effort to work together to benefit the students of Howell High School.

    The objectives of this organization will be:
    • To help parents and teachers acquire a profound appreciation of the ideas of education.
    • To promote clearer understanding of the mutual education responsibilities of parents and teachers.
    • To encourage the home and school to a greater degree of cooperation in discharging their responsibilities.
    • To study the neighborhood's environmental conditions which influence children's behavior.
    • To help parents reach agreement on the best solution of common problems of children's behavior. 




    ALL meetings at 6:30PM in the media center

    See Calender for dates - They are the second Tuesday of each month.


     PAT Paddle Auction will be held in the HHS cafe on 3/16/18 at 5:30PM


    We encourage all parents and teachers to attend! Volunteers are needed!