The Office of Transportation

  • Thursday, December 1, 2022 AM


    B66 FBORO - Is being doubled by B69

    B66 FTWP - Is being doubled by B24

    V98 MAN - Is being doubled by V41 and B29

    V98 FTWP - Is being covered by V72

    B44 HW- Is being doubled by B24 and B70

    B44 CN- Is being doubled by B58

    J449 Middletown Voc will be 5-10 minutes late.

    B23 MAN- Is doubling B63 and is running late














Transportation Phone Number

  • 732-431-8368

Transportation Staff

  • Ms. Linda Scanlon
    Director of Transportation

    Ms. Gladys Figueroa
    Transportation Supervisor

    Ms. Deanne Sanasac
    Transportation Dispatcher

    Ms. Randi Lopez
    Transportation Dispatcher

    Ms. Kelli Sisto
    Payroll Secretary

    Ms. Laurie McCarthy
    Secretary, AIL & Non-public

    Ms. Alexcys Cruz
    Computer Assistant, Athletic and Field Trips