Dress Code

  • Dress and Grooming
    Board of Education Policy-Dress and Grooming #5511
    The Board of Education recognizes that each pupil’s mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of the pupil’s personal style and individual preferences. However, students may not wear clothing or engage in grooming practices that endangers their health or safety, or the health or safety of other students; creates disorder or disrupts the educational program; causes excessive wear or damage to school property; or prevents the pupil from achieving his/her own educational objectives.
    The Board of Education prohibits pupils from wearing any type of clothing, apparel, or accessory that indicates the pupil has membership in, or affiliation with, any gang associated with criminal activities while on school property or school-sponsored event. The local law enforcement agency will advise the Board of Education of gangs that are associated with criminal activities. Apparel with biased, offensive or profane messages, alcohol, drug, tobacco, or sexual references will not be allowed. Also, wearing or possessing items depicting or implying racial hatred, stereotyping, or prejudice will not be tolerated.
    Students are to wear clothing that totally covers the upper torso. The bottom of the shirt must reach the top of the pants/skirt. Skirts, dresses, or shorts must extend to the student’s fingertips when standing upright. Single strapped, strapless, low-cut, bare midriff, tube or halter tops, tight fitting, transparent, or suggestive clothing are prohibited. “Torn-off” or “half-shirts” are not permitted. Clothing which is more appropriate for beachwear (bathing suits, very short shorts) or sleepwear (pajamas) are not to be worn at school. UNDERGARMENTS SHOULD NOT BE VISIBLE ON ANY STUDENT.
    The following items of dress are specifically prohibited from being worn, carried, or be visible in school: sunglasses, hats, headbands, bandannas or other head coverings; metal chains; jewelry or accessory articles that have the potential to be used as a weapon; gang attire; facial markings that display non-school related symbolism. Halloween costumes are not permitted.

    Please note that fashion trends change with the season. The dress code is intended to be a guide for appropriate dress at school and may not include specifics regarding changes in trends. Please be aware that the dress code may be modified at any time during the year to more clearly define appropriate dress for school. The administration reserves the right to discipline any student who is not dressed properly. Students dressed inappropriately may be sent home. Hats and other head coverings will be confiscated. Responsibility on the part of the students should always be exercised.

    NOTE: Some departments, such as physical education, science, art, and technology require specific guidelines for safety purposes. Students are expected to follow teacher directives regarding appropriate clothing/shoe attire for safety.