Health & Physical Education

    3.75 Credits, 3 Quarters, grades 9-12
    Over the course of four years, students will engage in three major areas of study in Physical Education: fitness, team sports, and lifetime activities. Each class, students will participate in a comprehensive lesson related to one of the three units on a cyclical basis. After the comprehensive lesson, students will move to an assigned unit that incorporates one or all of the three courses of study. Sportsmanship, cooperation, and wellness will be integrated in all areas of study.

    HEALTH 9
    1.25 Credits, 1 Quarter
    Health 9, Character Education and Societal Impact, explores health-related areas such as effective communication skills, sound decision-making, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, dating, nutrition, and drug abuse. Students will be equipped to make sound choices about healthy living. Taking responsibility for one’s own health is an essential step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    HEALTH 10
    1.25 Credits, 1 Quarter
    Health 10, “Safe and Responsible Driving,” is designed to develop safe, courteous, and knowledgeable drivers. The course raises the level of awareness about driver impairment and the impact of impairment on safe vehicle operation. The program emphasizes defensive driving, driver safety and responsibility, and awareness of laws and regulations. The goal is to provide students with the essential information that they will need in order to make responsible decisions while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

    HEALTH 11
    1.25 Credits, 1 Quarter
    The Health 11 course, "Physical Wellness and Healthy Decisions," the value of a safe and healthy lifestyle. Students will learn ways to prevent injury/illnesses and how to respond to an emergency. In addition students with gain knowledge about nutrition, performance-enhancing substances, and medicines and how to make informed choices that impact their well-being.

    HEALTH 12
    1.25 Credits, 1 Quarter
    The Health 12 course, Human Sexuality and Relationships, provides students with a firm foundation of knowledge of human sexuality that promotes healthy attitudes and practices. The course provides students with the intellectual, physiological, and emotional tools needed to successfully navigate possible future experiences, such as sexual relationships, pregnancy, parenting, and health care.

    3.75 Credits, 3 Quarters     
    The Adaptive Physical Education Curriculum is an organized, sequential curriculum for teaching our students the information and skills they will need to maintain and improve health, prevent disease, reduce health-related risk behaviors, and improve quality of life through lifetime physical activities. Written into this curriculum is the ability to adjust and personalize each activity to best utilize each student’s skills and overcome their personal inabilities and/or handicaps.
    1.25 Credits, 1 Quarter     
    The Adaptive Health & Safety course is an ongoing class for students in grades 9-12. The course provides students with the skills needed to make decisions that will affect their lives today and in the future. Topics include personal hygiene, proper nutrition, decision-making skills, relationships, sexuality, safety, drugs, alcohol, medicines, and health care.