Dual Enrollment/2+2 at Brookdale


    Students may take up to 12 college awarded credits (6 credits per semester) at Brookdale Community College (BCC).

    Prerequisite: Students must have fulfilled all New Jersey testing requirements, completed 105 of the 120 high school credits required for high school graduation prior to September 1st of their senior year, submit a Brookdale Community College application, pass the BCC administered Accuplacer®, or have the following SAT scores: 530 math to be waived from the arithmetic and elementary algebra sections of Accuplacer®; 540 Critical Reading score to be waived from the reading comprehension and sentence skills sections of Accuplacer®.

    In addition, all students who attend must sign a BCC release form (parent must also sign if student is under 18 years of age), be responsible for all costs associated with the Dual Enrollment Program (tuition, books, fees and course materials), provide their own transportation to and from Brookdale Community College, and be held to the terms and conditions of the Brookdale Community College Student Conduct Code and Student Integrity Code. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in BCC courses to continue in the Dual Enrollment Program. Please consult with your school counselor for more detailed information.

    Accuplacer® is a registered trademark test of College Board.


    The Dual Enrollment On-Site Program allows qualified FRHSD juniors and seniors to enroll in select Brookdale Community College courses. Please check with your guidance counselor for the course/courses offered at your high school. Students enrolled in a Dual Enrollment On-Site course will receive FRHSD credit and, at the same time, earn college credits from Brookdale Community College. Dual Enrollment On-Site courses will be taught at FRHSD high schools as part of the scheduled school day. Dual Enrollment On-Site courses will be offered at a reduced tuition rate. Students may enroll in a maximum of two Brookdale courses per semester.

    To be eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment On-Site Program, students must:

    • Have junior or senior status
    • Have the permission of their guidance counselor
    • Submit a Brookdale Community College Dual Enrollment application (the $25 application fee is waived for Dual Enrollment students)
    • Take the Accuplacer® test and pass all sections, or have the following SAT scores:
      • 530 Math to be waived from the arithmetic and elementary algebra sections of Accuplacer®
      • 480 Critical Reading to be waived from the reading comprehension and sentence skills sections of Accuplacer®
    • Sign a Brookdale Community College release form (student and parent/guardian will sign)
    • Be responsible for payment of tuition (at a reduced rate) to Brookdale Community College
    • Be responsible for purchasing the textbook and materials for this course
    • Maintain a minimum term GPA of 2.0 to remain in the Dual Enrollment Program

    Accuplacer® is a registered trademark test of College Board.


    Students may not participate in both on-site and release dual enrollment programs in a single academic year.


    In certain programs, students may "challenge" for credit at Brookdale Community College. Students who are successful in this "challenge" may be able to receive BCC credit for courses taken at high school.

    Who Should Apply?
    College Technology 2+2 education programs are for students who can develop ideas, design solutions to problems, and apply them to real life situations. It is desirable that you have a career interest in the selected technological field and that your high school transcript reflects academic abilities and coursework consistent with the College Technology 2+2 requirements.

    What is College Technology 2+2?
    College Technology 2+2 is a planned sequence of study beginning in the 11th grade and continuing into college, paralleling the college prep course of study. It prepares students for high-skilled technical occupations and allows either direct entry into the workplace after high school graduation or the continuation of study toward an AA degree from a two-year college or a BA degree from a four-year college.

    Technology Experiences
    Classroom activities include the "hands-on" problem solving/critical thinking skills needed to solve technological problems. Career orientation and portfolio development are combined with visits to related work sites, affiliated colleges, and visits from professionals employed in related occupations. Students learn the basic principles of productivity, teamwork, and flexibility through cooperative learning activities and projects. Work-based training such as job shadowing, mentoring, internships and cooperative work experience are provided.

    What are "challenge opportunities?"
    Students accepted into a College Technology program may earn college degree credits by fulfilling certain academic requirements for college entrance while enrolled in high school. Students meeting the requirements and successfully passing a college administered Challenge Exam in their area will receive college degree credit (at no cost) for specific articulated college programs after completing requirements specific to the college.

    College Technology programs require students to take mathematics courses such as Algebra and Geometry and science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics depending on the Technology programs.

    What programs are offered?
    The district currently has agreements with Brookdale Community College for programs in the following areas:

    • Automotive Technology
    • Communication Design
    • Culinary Arts
    • Electronics Technology
    • Engineering