Placement for Rising 9th Graders

  • Freshman student The Freehold Regional High School District works with its partner K-8 districts to ensure that we are recommending appropriate courses and course levels for rising ninth graders. K-8 districts provide data on student test scores, student reading levels, and student grades in core courses in the 7th grade and first marking period of 8th grade.

    Recommendations of students into appropriate courses is an important factor that contributes to student success. In order to make appropriate recommendations, multiple data points are included in a review of student information. 

    In the areas of English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Classical/World Languages, most ninth-graders will take the following courses:
    • English 1 or Honors English 1
    • World History or Honors World History
    • Lab Biology or Honors Lab Biology
    • Algebra 1, Geometry or Honors Geometry (depending on 8th grade course)
    • Level 1 or Level 2 of a Classical/World Language 
    If you have any questions about placement recommendations or would like to discuss the possibility of moving into an alternative level not recommended in partnership with your K-8 district, please contact your high school's guidance office. Each school's Guidance Office website can be found here.