Course Selection

  • Students in class Graduation requirements provide a diverse, comprehensive foundation for mastering content and skills necessary for realizing a student’s maximum potential. A diverse and rich district curriculum is available for students to satisfy high school graduation requirements and to select elective courses offering the opportunity for exploration of individual interests and abilities.

    The district provides bias-free, barrier-free access for all students to all facilities, courses, programs, activities and services, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectation, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability or socioeconomic status.

    Dr. Jeffrey Moore, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, is the Affirmative Action Officer for Curriculum/Classroom Practices. He can be contacted at 732-792-7300, extension 8529.

    In compliance with the requirements of Section 504 of the Federally Assisted Programs on the basis of handicap, Mrs. Renee Davis, Director of Special Services, is the representative of the handicapped. She can be contacted at 732-792-7300, extension 8590.

    The district offers school counseling services for all students for planning postsecondary goals. Students and parents should consult a school counselor to ensure that the appropriate course selections are identified to assist students in pursuing their postsecondary goals. School counselors have specific information available about college/university admissions, trade/technical schools, military service, as well as current workforce trends. School counselors will assist students and their parents to craft a plan of four-year study for each individual student’s interests and abilities

    Past classroom academic performance, standardized test results, and future goals/plans should be among the chief factors in course selection. Additionally, students and parents should consider the ability of the student to balance the rigor of classroom with the demands of commitments outside the classroom.

    All curricular offerings are subject to budgetary, staffing, and enrollment limitations. The district offers courses and programs only as budgets and other factors allow, and may alter or even cancel offerings as circumstances dictate.

    Specialized learning center, academy and specific special education course offerings are available by contacting the department supervisor of the specific program and are not included with the regular education course descriptions.

    Participation in Advanced Placement (AP) courses requires students to perform at a college level of proficiency. Enrollment in AP courses also fosters self-motivation, builds confidence, encourages responsibility, and allows students to embrace what it means and what it takes to be "college-ready." AP enrollment favorably impacts college enrollment decisions and can trigger scholarship opportunities.

    AP course pre- and co-requisites vary. Students wishing to enroll must meet all pre- and co-requisites as well as receive departmental recommendations. AP courses may also require summer assignments that students must complete prior to the first day of class. You can find more information about AP courses in each of the content area sections of this course catalog, and by visiting the College Board's website for AP students.

    We urge students to utilize this course selection worksheet to guide their planning for their high school career.