Summer Academy Programs

  • The Freehold Regional High School District is proud to offer summer learning through the Summer Academy: Credit Recovery, Original Credit, AP Bridge Program, and Algebra 1 Bridge Program.

    Each program targets different student needs

    • Original Credit is for students looking to advance in mathematics or to complete Financial Literacy (virtual for 2021)
    • Credit Recovery is for students who have failed a course and need to regain credit (in-person for 2021)
    • AP Bridge is for students taking an AP class for the first time in the upcoming school year (virtual for 2021)
    • Algebra 1 Bridge is for students taking Algebra 1 in the upcoming school year (in-person for 2021)

    An application is necessary for each program. 

    FRHSD parents and students:  log in to the Genesis Portal, select the Forms tab, and fill out the appropriate application.  

    Out-of-District Students 

    Out-of-district (OOD) is any student who does NOT currently attend the FRHSD.