Senior Driving Privilege

  •  Frequently Asked Questions:

    What if I don’t have my driver’s license yet?

    You should still complete the application process. Once you have a driver’s license and you provide a copy, a parking pass will be issued as long as all other requirements are complete.

    What if I don’t have a car yet?

    The application is not complete and a parking pass will not be issued without a vehicle registration copy being provided. Therefore, you should provide a copy of the registration & proof of insurance for any vehicle that may be used to park on campus. In this manner, security is prepared to expect that vehicle.

    Do I have to have a driving partner?

    Driving partners are not recognized. Given the limited number of parking spaces in the parking lot, there is the need to designate one to two drivers per spot.  When a student has parking privileges it is typically for alternating days. For example student #1 and student #2 will share the same space and park on alternating days of the week. Students who have ‘dual enrollment’, senior leave, or vocational school will be considered for a single spot.

    What if my information changes?

    It is the student’s responsibility to provide any updates to their information as soon as possible. For example, should a different vehicle become their primary vehicle to park on campus, a copy of its registration & proof of insurance should be provided prior to parking it on campus.

    Who do I see if I have any questions?

    There are several individuals you may ask. The security guards at the school can be very helpful. The assistant principal in charge of the seniors is also your best source of information.

     *Students and parents/guardians are required to read the attached FRHSD Senior Driving Privileges & Campus Vehicle Procedures.