• Supplemental student accident insurance is available for your purchase through Monarch Management Company. “At-School” coverage provides accident coverage for students during the regular school session for the school year.

    “24-Hour” coverage (“Around-the Clock”), protects students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere accidents might happen, anywhere in the world. This coverage provides protection from the date of enrollment until July 31, 2019. The premium (cost) of either of these optional coverages are paid “one-time only” for the year (annual payment). Student accident insurance plans provide ACCIDENT coverage for covered activities. The plans contain limitations and exclusions.

    Please carefully read the online information (or brochure) for an overview of plans. If you choose to purchase this coverage, please go on-line to purchase. This coverage is available by credit card purchase “on-line” at www.mms-ins.com. When enrolling on-line, the coverage will be effective 24 hours after being received by the Compa-ny. If you do not have access to on-line enrollment please contact the campus office for an enrollment form and mail to:

    Monarch Management

    3201 Cherry Ridge Drive,

    Suite D405San Antonio, TX 78230.

    If you have claims questions, please call Customer Service at 877-563-7492, or your local agent. 

    Thank you!