The Office of Transportation

  • According to state law (New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:27-1.2), students are eligible to receive transportation to/from school as follows:

    "Transportation shall be provided to public school students who reside remote from their assigned school of attendance…and special education students who reside remote from their assigned school or who require transportation services in accordance with their Individualized Education Program (IEP)

       - The words “remote from the school of attendance” shall mean beyond two and one-half miles for high school students…and beyond two miles for elementary school students.

       - For the purpose of determining eligibility for student transportation, measurement shall be made by the shortest route along public roadways or public walkways from the entrance of the student’s residence nearest such public roadway or public walkway to the nearest public entrance of the school which the student attends."

    In essence, New Jersey states that the school district is not required to provide transportation to students residing less than 2.5 miles from school. The Freehold Regional High School District recently underwent an evaluation of its transportation operation. This study reviewed the scope and approach to providing transportation for the more than 10,000 high school students in the district’s footprint. As a result of this study, routes and bus stops have been consolidated for peak efficiency all while maintaining safety standards. Please review the  FAQ and associated documents for additional information. 

    We appreciate your cooperation and patience. 








Transportation Phone Number

  • 732-431-8368

Transportation Staff

  • Ms. Gladys Figueroa
    Director of Transportation  

    Ms. Randi Lopez
    Transportation Supervisor

    Transportation Dispatcher

    Ms. Kelli Sisto
    Payroll Secretary

    Ms. Laurie McCarthy
    Secretary, AIL & Non-public

    Ms. Alexcys Cruz
    Computer Assistant, Athletic, and Field Trips

    Ms. Laura Oddo