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    Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your high school career!  Next year as seniors,  you will be eligible to obtain student parking.  Below you will find links to access the Parking Application, Parking Documentation Form, and the FRHSD Senior Driving Privileges/Campus Vehicle Procedures and Disciplinary Consequences for Driving/Parking Violations.  In order to maintain a secure and safe environment that is fair to all students, it is important that you review the parking procedures and guidelines listed below and in the linked documents.  All of this information is located in the Senior Parking section on the Class of 2022 Webpage


    1. Parking at Howell High School is a senior privilege.  The senior driving privilege is given to the student exclusively, and the transporting of other students is an action that is not authorized by Howell High School or the Board of Education.  Bus transportation is provided for every student in the district.  Student drivers may lose driving privileges for violation of school rules and regulations, particularly for truancy, tardiness, cutting, leaving school grounds, or for continual disciplinary referrals.  Students must abide by all school regulations.  Parents and students are to review the Student/Family Handbook distributed at the beginning of the school year.  The FRHSD Senior Driving Privileges/Campus Vehicle Procedures and Disciplinary Consequences for Driving/Parking Violations can be found HERE.


    1. All students and parents must review the FRHSD Driver Safety Awareness Website.  


    1. The limited number of spaces available requires that seniors who wish to park on campus must find a partner, unless they are enrolled in a Vocational School.
      1. Seniors determine a fair and equitable parking schedule agreed to by both partners. 
      2. Be aware that you are not required to drive your partner to/from school; doing so is not recommended by Howell High School and is strictly a parental decision.
      3. BOTH partners need to complete ALL parts of step number 4c listed below.


    1. After finding a partner, students should ensure the following:
      1. Students that apply for parking must be eligible for the 12th grade as of September 2021;
      2. All fines owed to Howell High School must be satisfied prior to the issuance of a parking permit (hang tag);
      3. Students MUST COMPLETE THE 2021-2022 PARKING APPLICATION GOOGLE FORM.  This form can be found HERE.  (Students must be logged into their FRHSD accounts to access the form); 
        1. A printed and completed Parking Permission Document. This can be found HERE;
        2. Copy of a valid New Jersey driver’s license.  If a student does not yet have a license, the Google Form should STILL be completed online.  Filling out the Google Form will secure a student’s parking space until a license is obtained.  The actual parking hang tag will be issued after a copy of the license is turned into the Main Office along with the other required documentation;
        3. Copy of current registration of the vehicle(s) being driven to school; AND
        4. Copy of current insurance card for the vehicle(s) being driven to school.

    Parking tags WILL NOT be issued unless ALL documentation is turned in.  It is not the school’s responsibility to make copies of this information.  Forms must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian or they will not be accepted.


    1. You will receive an email on August 1st detailing dates and times for parking tag pick up.


    1. Vocational School students that violate the school’s parking rules are subject to the same disciplinary actions as all students.  Additionally, any student issued an individual space based on his/her curricular program must have the schedule verified prior to the parking pass being issued.  Any student who withdraws from Vocational School will then have a parking pass under the same conditions of all other students, including the need to find a partner for the remainder of the school year.


    1. Current juniors are NOT allowed to park on campus. Juniors parking on campus will lose their parking privilege  for their senior year.


    Please note that these rules are subject to revisions when the change affects the safety and security of the school.  With your cooperation, we are sure that our students will have a successful senior year.  Please retain both this letter and all procedures/disciplinary consequences for your records.  Return only the completed Parking Registration Form with the necessary information as outlined in this letter.


    Thank You,


    The Howell High School Administration

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  • Short films! Music videos! Original songs! Classic covers! Come and see the best of FPAC's Entertainment Technology's video & music productions on 4/29/21 at 7 pm on YouTube! Visit

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  • IB Logo Howell High School has received its final authorization to become an IB World School! The Class of 2021 will be our first cohort of IB students. For more information about the program, please visit the IB website.

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