Freehold Regional High School District
Board of Education Policies and Regulations Manual

Policy 1320: Duties of School Business Administrator/Board Secretary


1.     A Master's Degree or higher.

2.     A valid New Jersey School Business Administrator Certificate or Statement of Eligibility.

3.     A minimum of seven years experience in the field of public school education with specific experience in administration.

4.     Demonstrates leadership skills in the areas of school budget/finance, transportation, food service, and facility management including but not limited to operations and maintenance.

5.     Demonstrates excellent communications skills (i.e. in reading, writing, speaking), financial skills, and problem solving skills.

6.     Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent in consultation with the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Reports to:     Superintendent of Schools as Assistant Superintendent for Business Administration and to the Board of Education as Board Secretary.

Supervises:     Assistant School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Director of School Food Services, Director of Pupil Transportation and Safety.

Job Goal:     To administer the business affairs and auxiliary services of the district in such a way as to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available.
Performance Responsibilities:

Board of Education:

1.     Serves in the absence of the Superintendent as the chief administrative officer of the district.

2.     Records the minutes of all Board proceedings and the results of any annual or school election in suitable minutes books.

3.     Posts and gives notice of all regular or special meetings of education to Board members and those requesting such notice.

4.     Conducts Board correspondence, receiving and answering correspondence which has been addressed to the Board, and handling correspondence originated by the Board.

5.     Posts and gives notice of all regular or special meetings of the Board of Education to Board Members and those requesting such notice.


1.     Assumes responsibility for preparation of the election and budget calendar.

2.     Assumes responsibility for all duties concerning school Board elections that relate to the position of Board Secretary.

Filing and  Records:

1.     Assumes responsibility for all contracts, records and documents belonging to the Board except those that are kept, pursuant to the law, by the Treasurer of School Monies.

2.     Assumes responsibility for all disposal of Board records in accordance with state requirements.


1.     At each regular meeting of the Board and at the close of each fiscal year, reports financial transactions during that year and file copies with the County Superintendent and Commissioner in a form which the Commissioner prescribes.
2.     Acts as an adviser to the Superintendent in matters relating to the business and financial affairs of the district.


1.     Assumes responsibility for business administration of district programs funded by state and federal grants.

2.     Keeps abreast of current administrative and management procedures and technology; and attends workshops, conferences, professional meetings, etc. to foster professional development.

3.     Streamlines office procedures and paper flow.

4.     Standardizes and reduces, where possible the number of forms of all kinds.

5.     Determines office equipment needs for the schools and departments in conjunction with other administrators.

6.     Provides analysis of fringe benefits to Board's negotiation team.

7.     Recruits, supervises and evaluates business and Board office personnel, as well as all other district nonprofessional staff members.

8.     Assists with long range financial planning as related to community resources and needs.

9.     Acts as secretary/treasurer of the F.R.H.S.D. Scholarship Fund.

10.     Assumes responsibility for property inventory and plant management systems.

11.     Draws or supervises drawing of all plans and specifications for direction, improvement or repair of public school buildings in the district, subject to approval of the Board.

12.     Works with all administrators, architects, attorneys and financial advisers in planning, and contracting for construction of plant facilities.
13.     Supervises construction and repair of all school buildings, inspects all work, materials and supplies furnished under the contract; with Board approval, condemns any work done or rejects materials or supplies which do not conform to the specification or contract.

14.     Supervises the operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds through the district supervisor of buildings and grounds and the school principals.

15.     Supervises the business operation of school food services and the school lunch program.

16.     Supervises the operation and maintenance of district owned buses and oversees business management of contracted transportation services.

17.     Serves as the internal auditor and general accountant of the Board.

18.     Establishes and supervises a program of accounting and reporting for financial affairs of the district.

19.     Designs, implements, maintains a state required accounting system.

20.     Arranges for the internal auditing of school accounts.

21.     Conducts exit conferences with the school auditors.

22.     Prepares reports to the state on and implements the audit recommendations.

23.     Prescribes financial management procedure for Principals including student body and athletic association funds.

24.     Audits and presents to the Board for approval all claims and demands against the Board.

25.     Develops and administers a budget control system.

26.     Coordinates the preparation of the annual budget.

27.     Develops, structures, designs and administers budget management systems.
28.     Maintains currency with changing state and federal statutes and administrative codes relating to budget preparation and control.

29.     Assumes responsibility for debt service administration.

30.     Assumes general responsibility for the design and operation of the school insurance programs.

31.     Supervises the district's insurance and real estate program.

32.     Prepares and coordinates all Board claims against insurance carriers.

33.     Conducts negotiations with insurance company adjustors to obtain the maximum level of reimbursement.

34.     Appears and testifies when necessary at hearing of Unemployment Compensation Board to defend against unwarranted claims against the Board's Benefits Reimbursement Trust Fund.

35.     Controls and manages the cash flow and short term investment portfolio.

36.     Designs and maintains cash flow system.

37.     Designs financially controllable structures with respect to investment earnings generated in part from short term cash flow utilization and in part from long term construction bond authorization turnover.

38.     Acquires suitable financing for improvement authorizations.

39.     Manages the Boards borrowing program in compliance with both state and federal statutes.

40.     Assumes responsibility for and certifies payroll accounts in conformance with state payroll requirements covering full-time and part-time employees.

41.     Audits district's net and agency payroll accounts.

42.     Audits payroll distribution across budget accounts.
43.     Develops and administers purchasing procedures which are coordinated with district auditing practices.

44.     Approves all purchase orders, invoices, contracts, etc., within the designated areas of authority.

45.     Receives all bids on behalf of the Board and opens same at the appointed time and place, recommends bid awards and supervises the preparation of materials for Board action.

46.     Acts as the Board of Education's contracting agent in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A-2-b.

47.     Authorizes the transfer of funds between school budget accounts.

48     Performs any such task as may from time to time be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

Terms of Employment:     Twelve month work year.  Salary, vacation, holidays and work schedule to be determined by the Superintendent in accordance with Board policy.

Evaluation:     Performance to be evaluated by the Superintendent in accordance with the district's policy for the evaluation of certified staff.

Adopted:  16 April 2001

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