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Midterm Examination Study Guides

The Freehold Regional High School District administers district-wide midterm examinations in several core subjects in order to provide common measurements of student achievement. Please see below for study guides for these examinations.

If you have questions about a midterm examination in any of these courses, or about a course that is not listed on this page, please contact the teacher of the course.

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Classical and World Languages - Italian I213.31 KB
Classical and World Languages - Spanish I205.91 KB
English - Academic English I265.01 KB
English - Academic English II172.96 KB
English - English III173.03 KB
English - Academic English III273.7 KB
English - English IV175.91 KB
English - Academic English IV252.86 KB
Mathematics - Intermediate Algebra I174.2 KB
Mathematics - Algebra I175.05 KB
Mathematics - Geometry (All Levels)172.49 KB
Mathematics - Intermediate Algebra II173.96 KB
Mathematics - Algebra II172.09 KB
Science - Laboratory Biology and Academic Laboratory Biology580.96 KB
Science - Honors Laboratory Biology637.06 KB
Science - Laboratory Chemistry323.27 KB
Science - Academic Laboratory Chemistry319.74 KB
Science - Laboratory Physics613.29 KB
Science - Academic Laboratory Physics500.91 KB
Science - Laboratory Environmental Science347.02 KB
Social Studies - Academic Modern World History and Geography201.9 KB
Social Studies - Academic US History I199.38 KB
Social Studies - US History II and Academic US History II197.5 KB

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